Which Stocks Should I Buy?

That's the multi-million dollar question.

Short answer: No one could answer that for you. But there are tools to point you in the right direction.

StockGains.io incorporates 15 years of stock market research and experience into a simple and easy to read lists.

Late February 2020, many stocks have dropped to bargain (unreasonable) prices. I immediately started selecting strong stocks with the highest upside potential. By late March, I was like a kid in a candy store. Some of these picks were an instant 50% gain within days. Humans (and robots) tend to overreact when there's fear. I tend to just buy more. :)

Strategically, as long as these companies don't go bankrupt, the probability of being positive in the long-term is high. The markets have always gone up 100% of the time. Since the beginning of time.

Due to the nature of COVID-19, it makes sense to treat this as a natural disaster. Statistically, pandemics ease out after 1-2 years. But the market tends to react faster than that. Historically, quick drops are also met with quick rises (V-shape). And since the fed just keeps printing more money...you get the point. Hopefully you now realize how powerful it is to know the difference between the current price and the price before the drop. Stuff happens fast. FOMO turns to rage.

Intelligent Stock Ideas

Now, I've paid for many stock subscription services. Some were over $300 a month! Although many had great information, it didn't help me with automation. Even then, they didn't seem to have all this information in a convenient place. I still had to spend hours combing through papers and pulling together relevant data.

So, after applying my research to custom filters, I started to realize how some of these guys were picking their stocks. And refined it.

StockGains is personal research tool I've built for my own trading. Thats it. It helps me pay the bills.

Now, if you've found StockGains useful...that's great! Just know coffee will help pay for server costs. And as long as I could do that, the site stays up. :). Just keepin' it real.

How to use StockGains.io

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